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White White Antelope/Screwhorn Antelope(Addax Nasomaculatus)
An antelope is a member of a number of even-toed ungulate species indigenous to various regions in Africa and Eurasia. Antelopes comprise a wastebasket taxon (miscellaneous group) within the family Bovidae, encompassing those Old World species that are not cattle, sheep, buffalo, bison, or goats; even so, antelope are generally more deer-like than other bovids. Unlike deer that renew their horns annually, the antelope has strong permanent horns, that antelope mainly use to defend their herd or to fight other antelopes.

Life Span

An antelope tends to get to between 8 and 10 years old in the wild although they have been known to live for longer when kept in captivity. Many antelope individuals however, wouldn't last into old age in the wild as antelope are a key target for many large carnivorous mammals. If the antelope was old then the antelope would naturally be slower at running from danger.

Nature Contribution

The antelope is one of the many medium-sized mammals holding the African food chain together. The antelope may only graze on grasses but it is a stable food source for many of Africa's large carnivorous predators, such as lions, hyenas, and crocodiles.

The majority of antelopes reside in herds for protection. But living in herds will make it difficult for them to find food. So, some of them live in small groups, or alone. The senses are excellent and they are rapid runners and leap to escape from predators. They can run at 95 km per hour speed. But the desert species cannot run fast, as they have wide feet for easy movement on sand.

Defensive Behavior
Antelope display different defensive behaviors based on their size, habitat, number, and species. Large antelope that gather in large herds, such as wildebeest, rely on numbers and running speed for protection. In some species, adults will encircle the offspring, protecting them from predators when threatened.
The smaller solitary antelope tend to live in densely forested areas and these species of antelope defend themselves by hiding. The duiker antelopes get their name from this species ability to dive into the vegetation.

 Gazelle-sized antelope run and leap, and some species of antelope exhibit their unique behavior of pronking or stotting. Large antelope congregate in larger herds and can depend on running as group defense.

Antelopes are not seen in Australasia, Antarctica, and America. The saiga species is the only one found in North America during the Pleistocene period. Africa has many species, while some are in Asia too. India has nilgai, blackbuck, four horned antelope and Tibetan antelope. Arabian Peninsula has the Dorcas gazelle and Arabian oryx. Saiga antelope and Tibetan antelopes are found in Russia and Central Asia.The antelope is found in a wide range of habitats, typically woodland, forest, savannah, grassland plains, and marshes.
Several species of antelope have adapted to living in the mountains and rocky outcrops, a few species of antelope have adapted to deserts (both hot and cold), and a couple of species of antelope are even semi-aquatic and these antelope live in swamps. The species that inhabit forests, bushes and woodland are sedentary, but the ones in the plains are migratory. They follow the rain to get food supply.


Life cycle and Life Style
The female antelopes give birth in a period of 4 to 9 months from their mating date and the breeding also depends on the species type. After mating, female antelopes give birth to a single calf or, more rarely, twins, after a gestation period that can last up to 8 months The calves are usually cleaned, given the feed and protected in a safe spot. The mother antelopes visit the calves regularly to clean and feed them. This is done so that the predators do not find the calves.
The calves remain motionless, hidden in the undergrowth when left alone. A mother and her newborn calf are vulnerable to predators, and antelopes have had to evolve different strategies for surviving this period. For most antelope species, the female gives birth in dense cover and leaves the calf while she feeds. The calf comes to its mother when she calls it, and once fed, the calf will hide away again.

Once in its hiding place, the calf remains completely still and will run away only if it is on the verge of being discovered.

5 Questions
1. What do Antelopes eat?
2. How many years can Antelopes live? 
3. What are the Antelopes taxon wastebasket of?
4. How long is the female antelope gestation process?
5. What happens if a Calf wasn't with it's mother at the early age?

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English Task,Changing Direct into Indirect speech,Page 28,Conversation 1

1) Rani : "Hi,Anisa"
Indirect : Rani greeted Anisa with a simple greeting

2) Anisa:"Hi,you look great in that pink scarf. What a nice scarf!"
Indirect : Anisa replied to Rani's greeting and complimented Rani's pink scarf

3) Rani : "Thank you, that's a nice thing to say"
Indirect : Rani thanked Anisa fr her compliment

4) Anisa :"I've never seen you in that.Where did you buy it?"
Indirect : Anisa stated that she never saw Rani wearing that scarf before,she then proceeds to ask where did Rani buy the scarf

5) Rani :"My mom bought it for me when she went to the market"
Indirect :Rani told that her mom bought the scarf for her when she went to the market

6) Anisa :"I see"
Indirect :Anisa saw the reasoning on where and how Rani got the scarf

7) Rani :"Look! The Teacher is coming!"
Indirect :Rani told Anisa that the teacher was coming by telling her to look at the teacher

8) Anisa :"Pak Sultoni"
Indirect :Anisa then identifies that the teacher that Rani was telling about is Mr. Sultoni

9) Mr. Sultoni : "Hi! How are you?"
Indirect : Mr. Sultoni then proceeds to greet Anisa and Rani then asking them on how were they doing

10) Rani :"We're good,thanks"
Indirect : Rani claimed that the situation she and Anisa was in was good,then thanked Mr. Sultoni for asking the question

11) Anisa :"Excellent"
Indirect : Anisa adds more explanation on their situation

12) Rani : "Nice haircut,Pak Sultoni"
Indirect : Rani then complimented Mr. Sultoni's haircut

13) Anisa :"Yes,You're looking good with your hairstyle"
Indirect : Anisa adds more compliment on Mr. Sultoni's hairstyle

14) Mr. Sultoni :"Thanks a lot.Rani,I heard you won the Math Olympiad.Is it true?"
Indirect : Mr. Sultoni thanked Rani for her compliment,then proceeds to ask about the statement that Rani won the Math Olympiad and was asking for the statment's validity

15) Rani :"Yes, I won the second prize last week"
Indirect : Rani then claimed that she had won the Math Olympiad and add in more details that she came second and won it last week

16) Anisa :"Congratulations!"
Indirect : Anisa congratulates Rani on her success

17) Mr. Sultoni :"Glad to hear that"
Indirect : Mr. Sultoni was relieved that the statement that Rani won was true

18) Rani :"Thank you very much for saying so"
Indirect : Rani replied and thanked for what Mr. Sultoni had said

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Rubick,The Grand Magus

"Any mage can cast a spell or two, and a few may even study long enough to become a wizard, but only the most talented are allowed to be recognized as a Magus." Yet as with any sorcerer’s circle, a sense of community has never guaranteed competitive courtesy.
Rubick,the son of a famous mage, Aghanim,is already a well known scholar of the grander world of sorcery,he is also famous for his victories on duels so he is also known as a strong duelist in the world of mages. Rubick is known through the furtherlands,as so people had attempted murder on him but as time pass by Rubick enjoyed getting chased again and again.As so Rubick had never been interested on gaining the "Magus" title until he was in the middle of his seventh assassination attempt. As he casually tossed the death string of the "would-be killers" from a high balcony,it sparked on him how useless,worthless and how utterly unimaginative the attempts in his life had ever been.
Where once the interruption of a spell might have put a cheerful spring in his step, it had all become very predictable.He wanted the title, He craved greater competition, dueling every wizard in the land wasn't enough, he wanted more.A Mage,that's what he wanted. Therefore,taunting his combat mask, he did what any wizard seeking to rise up the ranks would do he announced to the world  "To Kill a Magus",it was his intention all along to show his abilities. 
Rubick quickly discovered that messing with one Magus means messing with them all, and all of them fell upon him in force.Every magus showed up to teach the young mage a lesson,underestimating, only one person against all the greatest magus that the world has ever seen,Each of the mage's spell was an unstoppable torrent of energy, and every attack is calculated to be a one shot killing blow.The world trembled, battlecries soaring as  the mages collide their torrent of energies.Discriminating Rubick was their intention,to shut this kid down,underestimating him,the mages stopped casting their spells to check Rubick's remains.
But very soon something occurred that the mages found unexpected, their spells suddenly appeared out of nowhere heading towards them.Inside the magical chaos, Rubick sat down calmly to soon chuckled
, subtly reading and replicating the powers of each mage in order to cast it against another,creating chaos among those mages who had allied against him. Nobody knew who was casting the spell,it was starting to came in mind that the spell was a friendly fire among the allied mages,accusations of betrayal began to fly, and soon the mages turned one upon another without suspecting who was behind their undoing.
When the battle finally drew to a close, all were singed and frozen, soaked and cut and pierced. More than one lay dead by an ally’s craft. Rubick stood apart, sore but delighted in the week’s festivities. None had the strength to argue when he presented his petition of assumption to the Mage Council, and the Insubstantial Eleven agreed as one to grant him the title of Grand Magus.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Lovely Town,Itomori

Me and my classmate,Raka made a promotion video about a place in a movie that we both love,the place is Itomori from the movie "Your Name" by Makoto Shinkai

Here is the link to the video :

Sunday, October 8, 2017


was the first thing that had come to mind when our seniors said that "This Saturday there will be a 'World Tournament' this years theme is Pirates",students from every class in the 10th grade has to come and wear appropriate costumes according to the theme itself. My Class, Science 6, decided to turn one of my classmates into Jack Sparrow from the film "Pirates of The Caribbean".It was stated that each class has to have a mascot for a costume design contest,so My class went all in on the guy.
Poor guy had to be bare chested for the rest of the day.

So,each class was turned into a team of troops and each class was paired into facing a specific class for each game.The First game was a puzzle to decrypt some messages and tell and spell each code for the judges to score,but the tricky part is that you have to look around that area to find a letter that tells you the main part on how to solve the message, it was very confusing and pressure intense because it was timed and it was also MY JOB,so I was like "JUST GO,DON'T WAIT FOR ME TO FIND IT I'LL NEVER FIND I... oh look,there's the code" I thought the letter was inside an envelope or something but turns out it's ON THE WALL, luckily this information didn't spread to the enemy team so we went for a clean 1-0 HAHA!.

Moving our team to the second post/game,there was this strange guy following us,"Dude don't you think that guy is suspicio.... BANDIT! RUN FOR YO LIFE!!!!!! , so a couple of seniors came out of nowhere and brought up some water balloons and threw it to a couple of students in my class, the one who was hit is disqualified and can't participate in any incoming games,luckily nobody in our class got hit by any of the water balloons.

After safely arriving at the second post, we waited for a while to wait the other classes who were battling against each other,it sounded intense from the outside so it gave me goose bumps on what was coming.We entered the room and was explained by the judge, it was a chainword game? (I don't know what was it called in English) but the point is to receive a message and has to tell it to the next player and so on until it reaches the last player who has to write the message on the board.I participated in this game and I was salty,really salty after playing this game, I remembered ALL of the WORDS in that specific sentence but it turns out that you only have to write the last word. I worked hard to remember that cause of my short term memory lost,  but all is well we won after all, 2-0 GOSCIENCE6!.

The third post was on the next room besides the chain-sentence (?) game, in this game it requires a bit of math and a person who has a good vocabulary on English in their mind, so at the start of each turn the judges asks questions like "8/4 x 2 = ..." so after solving that you have to tell a word and spell it with the number of letters after you have done that equation ,for example if the answer is 4 then you have to say things like "ZONE" Z-O-N-E!. 3-0 clean kill.

Fourth one,it was outside the school so we have to go to that specific place with costumes,embarrassing I know but we done that together with our lovely class,no regrets. Fourth one is that we have to answer a question about general things regarding modern media such as Films,Cartoons, General History, History of our School, Our School, Social Media, International News and much more.So after answering the question each team was given a ball to throw it until it lands right into a bowl,and that was really hard, after answering so much questions until we got a number of chances but we only managed to get only ONE in. Disappointing! but look at the bright side our enemy GOT NOTHING SO 4-0 FOR THE WIN!.

The entrance to our school was the fifth post, as a team people has to determine what is this specific picture means in Indonesia and then we translate it in English, after getting one done the half of the team was assigned to find some treasures in the school's front garden, our team was quicker so ANOTHER SWEEP 50 BABY YEAHHHHHHH!!!

The next post was a briefing post before the GRAND FINAL game,so people took rests and some even slept because of how tiring the day has been haha!, had been too much running from the bandits I should say.
"The Break has been broken and it is finally time to set sail me mates! LET'S GO TO THE FINALS WITH A STRIKING 5-0 "
We were split into 2 teams, the first team was constructed by the team that has less wins than others and vice versa. Spies or should we called "Treasure Hunters" were secretly assigned to go and search for the GRAND PRIZE in the school, while people at the front yard fought with water balloons like mad men IT WAS INTENSE, I backed out myself because I was carrying few bags, scared to be hit by those freakishly unpainful bombs, My friend's friend even got shot onto the head while screaming "Horray! I didn't get hi.. and splash! she got hit by it straight to her head,was painful to see but it was for giggles and laughs also.But she didn't so people who laughed was mean,and I felt guilty for it, Sorry man, but hey! at least there's a story to be taken from it. Unforgetful
Disappointing,we didn't get the grand prize


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Holiday Plans

Someday in a net cafe

A :Hey Taki!
R :What?
A :Got any plans for next week ?
R :I'm gonna visit my girlfriend's wedding
A :That's? good to hear? Is she marrying you or something? Why didn't you tell me?
R : JK nah I'm out for some coffee and chilling next week,I guess?? what's up?
A : Wanna play Dota?
R : Let's go

*after a week of playing Dota 24/7 non-stop

R :Awwwww Dude, how many days have we missed?
A :Gosh,dunno
R :We wasted too many times playing,I think we should go out and chill somewhere
A :Oh yeah?Holidays are coming right ? how's school?
R :Dude,are you drunk? We don't go to school anymore,we're employed freelancers
A :Well your girlfriend is still attending campus isn't she?
R :Yeah, yours as well ?
A :No,She's employed.
R :Dude why are we playing Dota and not working in the first place?
A :Well I've done all the commissions that people asked,done it all before it even happens
R :How?
A :I've sold my soul to Satan
R :Seriously?
A :No,the people working at my team are clairvoyants

A : I don't know, so got any plans for holidays?
R : Yes,I want to go to Itomori
A : You're hometown?
R : Yeah,why not?
A : Can I come with you?
R : Sure,but don't have plans for your own holiday?
A : My Girlfriend really wants to go to Japan
R : Oh Nice!So you're coming with me?
A : No
R : You said you wanted to go to Japan?
A : Yeah,to Tokyo,not Itomori
R ; But you said you wanted to come?
A : Crash in your place yeah,I'm not going to rent a hotel room
R : Ok then
A : Chill, I'll pay for your holiday,All of it
R : Is it ok?
A : I owe you lots,it's my turn to do something for you
R : So Japan?
A : Alright
R : So the four of us?
A : Yeah
R : Great! See you tomorrow

*and then they lived happily for a few weeks of holiday

*Somewhere in Tokyo
Stranger : %^#$@&#$*%@#%^%(!
A: What are these people talking about ?
R : They said that "You look stupid"
A : Awww say thanks to them
R : ありがとうございました!
Stranger : なぜ?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


It was when I was still around 3 to 4 years old, at IMM Mall,Singapore.My family was going to buy some stuff for the new apartment back then,so we went to the mall.Entering the mall,my foolish childish self went around without telling to the toy store.I was pretty naive back then,I didn't think for anyone else.My parents told me to stay put when going somewhere but Good Old me never listens.

So there I go wondering looking at transformers(cause it was what's trending for kids back then).If I'm not mistaken I really loved Optimus Prime so I went for a hunt to search for the toy of it in this huge mall.Back then it was 3 times bigger than BSM back in Bandung.You can tell how big it is,and I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY that I found that toy that I really wanted but it was REALLY EXPENSIVE judging by the economy of that time.Good old me didn't know what the heck was a price and all of that so I took it into my wishlist and started searching for more

Power Rangers was a really cool thing back then,especially "Power Rangers SPD" and what I thought was "Dino Thunder"? (I forgot the name lol).There were toys of the megazord which is really cool,I was really into constructing and transforming,so combining different pieces of something that doesn't even look like a robot can form into another huge robot.That explains my next hunt to the next corridor of toys.As I search and search I finally found it.I memorize the package,so then I went to tell my mom that I want to buy it.

Little did I know that THERE WAS NO MOM,I panicked and panicked and then cried while searching. I've gone through the department store,the toy shop,clothing shop,the place where you sell mops and brooms,the music store,EVERYWHERE I can't find My Mom.So then after a frustrating search in this huge store, an employee talked to me and asking me what's wrong.With My terribly bad English and a mixture of Malay and Indonesian accent I told what's my name and I was looking for my parents.To think about it I was pretty good in talking English for a 4 year old from Indonesia :)).

That kind employee took me to the cashier,at first I cried because I was afraid with what's going to happen to me but thankfully she tried to calm me down while talking to the announcer to the mall.She gave me candy and I took the bait LOL. The candy that she gave was the thing that calmed me down,she told me to calm down until the announcement was broadcasted to the citizens of the mall.

In the end my parents came and I cried and cried,but in the end I feel so happy that I can rejoin my family once more.I am very grateful to that mall employee


White  White Antelope/Screwhorn Antelope(Addax Nasomaculatus) An antelope is a member of a number of even-toed ungulate species in...