Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Holiday Plans

Someday in a net cafe

A :Hey Taki!
R :What?
A :Got any plans for next week ?
R :I'm gonna visit my girlfriend's wedding
A :That's? good to hear? Is she marrying you or something? Why didn't you tell me?
R : JK nah I'm out for some coffee and chilling next week,I guess?? what's up?
A : Wanna play Dota?
R : Let's go

*after a week of playing Dota 24/7 non-stop

R :Awwwww Dude, how many days have we missed?
A :Gosh,dunno
R :We wasted too many times playing,I think we should go out and chill somewhere
A :Oh yeah?Holidays are coming right ? how's school?
R :Dude,are you drunk? We don't go to school anymore,we're employed freelancers
A :Well your girlfriend is still attending campus isn't she?
R :Yeah, yours as well ?
A :No,She's employed.
R :Dude why are we playing Dota and not working in the first place?
A :Well I've done all the commissions that people asked,done it all before it even happens
R :How?
A :I've sold my soul to Satan
R :Seriously?
A :No,the people working at my team are clairvoyants

A : I don't know, so got any plans for holidays?
R : Yes,I want to go to Itomori
A : You're hometown?
R : Yeah,why not?
A : Can I come with you?
R : Sure,but don't have plans for your own holiday?
A : My Girlfriend really wants to go to Japan
R : Oh Nice!So you're coming with me?
A : No
R : You said you wanted to go to Japan?
A : Yeah,to Tokyo,not Itomori
R ; But you said you wanted to come?
A : Crash in your place yeah,I'm not going to rent a hotel room
R : Ok then
A : Chill, I'll pay for your holiday,All of it
R : Is it ok?
A : I owe you lots,it's my turn to do something for you
R : So Japan?
A : Alright
R : So the four of us?
A : Yeah
R : Great! See you tomorrow

*and then they lived happily for a few weeks of holiday

*Somewhere in Tokyo
Stranger : %^#$@&#$*%@#%^%(!
A: What are these people talking about ?
R : They said that "You look stupid"
A : Awww say thanks to them
R : ありがとうございました!
Stranger : なぜ?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


It was when I was still around 3 to 4 years old, at IMM Mall,Singapore.My family was going to buy some stuff for the new apartment back then,so we went to the mall.Entering the mall,my foolish childish self went around without telling to the toy store.I was pretty naive back then,I didn't think for anyone else.My parents told me to stay put when going somewhere but Good Old me never listens.

So there I go wondering looking at transformers(cause it was what's trending for kids back then).If I'm not mistaken I really loved Optimus Prime so I went for a hunt to search for the toy of it in this huge mall.Back then it was 3 times bigger than BSM back in Bandung.You can tell how big it is,and I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY that I found that toy that I really wanted but it was REALLY EXPENSIVE judging by the economy of that time.Good old me didn't know what the heck was a price and all of that so I took it into my wishlist and started searching for more

Power Rangers was a really cool thing back then,especially "Power Rangers SPD" and what I thought was "Dino Thunder"? (I forgot the name lol).There were toys of the megazord which is really cool,I was really into constructing and transforming,so combining different pieces of something that doesn't even look like a robot can form into another huge robot.That explains my next hunt to the next corridor of toys.As I search and search I finally found it.I memorize the package,so then I went to tell my mom that I want to buy it.

Little did I know that THERE WAS NO MOM,I panicked and panicked and then cried while searching. I've gone through the department store,the toy shop,clothing shop,the place where you sell mops and brooms,the music store,EVERYWHERE I can't find My Mom.So then after a frustrating search in this huge store, an employee talked to me and asking me what's wrong.With My terribly bad English and a mixture of Malay and Indonesian accent I told what's my name and I was looking for my parents.To think about it I was pretty good in talking English for a 4 year old from Indonesia :)).

That kind employee took me to the cashier,at first I cried because I was afraid with what's going to happen to me but thankfully she tried to calm me down while talking to the announcer to the mall.She gave me candy and I took the bait LOL. The candy that she gave was the thing that calmed me down,she told me to calm down until the announcement was broadcasted to the citizens of the mall.

In the end my parents came and I cried and cried,but in the end I feel so happy that I can rejoin my family once more.I am very grateful to that mall employee

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


A conversation with my friend for an English assignment at school

Somewhere in a party in a universe that all people has known
A : What's up dude?
R : All is well,you?
A : Great! Having a good time here?
R : Yeah it's good in here
A : What are you up to?
R : Just chilling, nothing else, you ?
A : I'm asking
R : Asking who?
A : Asking you
R : Asking me what?
A : Asking you what are you doing? 
R : Chilling
A : Geez, OK then
R : By the way ,who are you ? have we met before?
A : No,never,we've just met here
R : What's your name then?
A : You can call me dude,but the name that you're looking for is Yoska
R : What a strange name.. Where are you from?
A : The Fire Nation, JK that's not my real name
R : So should I call you dude or Yoska?
A : All is well,Your Name?
R : Taki
A : Mitsuha ? 
R ; You watched that movie too ?
A : btw, how's the party ?
R : Nice...,What do you think?
A : Do you know who made this party?
R : You?
A : (nod)
R : Wanna hang out ?
LET'S GO!!!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A little pinch of this Blogger's life

Hello people of the internet!
I'm here to introduce myself

The Name's Akmal ,but you can call me "Yoska"
I was born on the 23rd of October 2002 in Bandung,West Java,Indonesia.

I moved to Singapore when I was 3 and moved back to Indonesia when I was 5
The move was all about preparing for Grade School in Indonesia
But to be honest,I kinda like it there more than it is here :))

All is well,I moved houses when I was still attending 2nd grade,then all the happy things that were in my life came to an end as I leave my best friends behind.
It was a bitter sweet experience moving houses because the neighbor in this new house are very,VERY nice and sweet upon our move,but the public school there was AWFUL.Never have I ever experienced this kind of rebellious act from students from My former school.

So AFTER ONLY A SEMESTER I decided to leave that school and also my traumatizing 3rd grade experience and moved to a private school. This time it was an islamic  religious school.

It was MUCH BETTER than any school I've been in,attended it for 3 years more. Then  the national exam came and the fun stops there.School just started a hell-ish studying program that tires the heck out of their students on the 6th grade.

But then we started to get along with that program,so all is done and I'm lucky enough to attend one of the best middle school in the city.As it turns out it doesn't feel like "the best" school there is in this city, but it stands on that name so it's not a scam.

Puberty happened and life goes by like a jet,then "IT'S THE FINALS"
9th grade was again,another hellish agenda compared to the days in 8th grade that was really relaxing
At these times,coming home at 8 pm is a usual thing to do.

BUT ALL THE HARDWORK PAID OFF AGAIN as I was selected to attend,they say "THE BEST" highschool in Bandung

I'm still new to this highschool so....

Holiday Plans

Someday in a net cafe A :Hey Taki! R :What? A :Got any plans for next week ? R :I'm gonna visit my girlfriend's wedding A :Tha...